New Business Venture – We appreciate your support!

MyRick Corporation was started by a great visionary who believes that everything can and should be done efficiently to save time as well as with the highest quality. It is the mission of The MyRick Corporation to create profitable companies and staff them with individuals that have a strong moral compass and a passion for what they do.

Mr. Myrick is a leader who is motivated when told he cannot do something, a man who would do it because someone told it was impossible, a strong guide who will lead himself and his army through to victory, no matter what the circumstances. His eyes never deter from the goal. He was a teacher for almost 15 years and instilled the same confidence in his students!!

He has started a new lawn care business and would like your feedback as well as support. Please visit his website at and e-mail him if he can improve his services in any way or if you would love to avail of his services!!

For those who are in Phoenix, USA, please visit his South Phoenix news where he has provided his insights into restaurants that serve wings (Umm..YUMMY!!!! 😉


I hummed a tune today,

And I wonder for how long I haven’t sung a song,

There were times when I was happy like a bird,

Flying away to horizon,

Singing from my heart,

Didn’t have a care in the world..


I smiled today,

And I wonder for how long I haven’t smiled from my heart,

I used to laugh till tears dropped out of my eyes,

I was happy like a baby,

And have joy to spread around,

Didn’t know anything wrong in the world..


I promise to turn my life around,

Smile again,

Sing again

And feel happiness again!


In search of….

Feeling alone in midst of a crowd,

I laugh with everyone but my heart is somewhere else,

I speak but the words don’t belong to me,

I smile but the smile is meant for someone else,

Would I feel the same way if you were around?

You would make me feel that I meant something, not just anyone,

You could bring a genuine smile on my face,

You are the one who understands me,

You are the one I am looking for.

But where are you?

Have I not found you yet?

Or have I lost you?

Or am I still waiting for you…???




Salute to You!


I can understand people sacrificing their lives for their loved one; but I have never been able to understand the people who dedicate their lives for their country and face death every day doing that – The soldiers who brave everything to save their country and the people of their country. They have their own family like all of us but they accept the whole country as their family. They have no guarantees that they will have another day to live but they do it day in and day out.

A call for duty but for them it is not just a duty, its what they breathe. Endless stories of heroes who took the lead to defeat their enemy to ensure that the enemy does not disturb the peace of their country or take lives of their fellow countrymen. Their patriotism is far beyond any imagination. Imagine living in a situation where every moment you are surrounded by danger, engulfed with extreme conditions, enduring pain and hardship but you smile at the dangers and have only one goal in mind, to keep your country safe to save hundreds of lives even if it means giving yours. The heart and mind of a soldier is unique and beautiful and beyond comparison.

A heartfelt gratitude towards these impeccable human beings! A salute to the bravery and strength of these soldiers! A thought to them and their family for serving their country selflessly!

I know words are not enough but the least I can do is say

Thank You!!


Your story defines you…

Everyone has a story in their life, which they may or may not share with others. I have met many people in my life who have their own share of experiences. A visit to an orphanage made me realize it even deeper. The person managing it had a story that I have only read or seen in movies. But as he was telling his story and the reason behind him working for an orphanage rather than a comfortable job that would fetch him good money, he made a statement – These kids here have a much more sadder and deeper story than me, knowing that makes me forget what I am going through and feel blessed I have been chosen to help these kids.

From young kids to old people, everyone has a story. Life is full of stories;   some so painful that are stashed so far behind in our memory that we wish they never show their face again. Some stories so happy that we want them to repeat over and over again. Some stories that we feel ashamed of, some that we are proud of.  But all of them make what we are today, how we define ourselves today.

Do you have a story?