Now though the topic seems like it is talking about a corporate or official world, I am associating this word micro management to the household. As parents, even I make the mistake of micro managing sometimes. I have seen so many parents just go to lengths with this. For example, if a child is eating, how many of us know parents who tell their kids that they should sit in a certain way and eat like this..eat this first and then that..mix it this way. But aren’t we taking the fun out of that process for that child?? The exploring part of the child is gone. What if the child wants to mix noodles with yogurt and try? Or what if he/she wants to turn to the left side and eat that way??

How many other things do we micromanage as parents?? And that is why we do it even when they grow up. Some parents even tend to blame their grown up children because they can’t even imagine their kids can do something right without their help. Parents don’t realize that their kids have grown up and they can make their own decisions. Their kids NEED to explore, discover, maybe they will fail in the process but failure will become the key to their success if they are given their own freedom.

I am not saying parents need to just leave their kids free and not teach them anything..but there is a clear boundary between guidance and nagging! 😉 You can guide them by saying or instigate their curiosity by asking them questions about a process or even ask questions to them as to why they wanted to do it in a certain way. Maybe WE never thought it that way. Maybe we were taught in a wrong way and that became our norm for life. Have we ever thought in that direction? I feel sometimes as parents, we become bad managers for our kids!!

Let kids be kids..let them explore , let them learn from their mistakes, let them know you are there for them. Be their guide, friend but not their BOSS!! Bringing them into the world does not make you ONE!   😉