New Business Venture – We appreciate your support!

MyRick Corporation was started by a great visionary who believes that everything can and should be done efficiently to save time as well as with the highest quality. It is the mission of The MyRick Corporation to create profitable companies and staff them with individuals that have a strong moral compass and a passion for what they do.

Mr. Myrick is a leader who is motivated when told he cannot do something, a man who would do it because someone told it was impossible, a strong guide who will lead himself and his army through to victory, no matter what the circumstances. His eyes never deter from the goal. He was a teacher for almost 15 years and instilled the same confidence in his students!!

He has started a new lawn care business and would like your feedback as well as support. Please visit his website at and e-mail him if he can improve his services in any way or if you would love to avail of his services!!

For those who are in Phoenix, USA, please visit his South Phoenix news where he has provided his insights into restaurants that serve wings (Umm..YUMMY!!!! 😉