A “love”ly smile :-)

I was watching this song – a love song sung by a beautiful voice and beautiful melodious music. It wasn’t just that caught my attention. The actress in the song had the most wonderful smile. It wasn’t just a smile, the smile showed how much in love she was. Her whole face reflected that. You know how people tell others – You are glowing..you must be in love”. That kind of glowing face and smile. And I wondered does that kind of glow last. Does everyone still feel the same kind of glow and love after years of being together? I know there is a difference between initially being in love and getting used to each other. Do we all forget to have that glow and smile as we go through our lives busy with our routines. Do we pause our lives and think of the initial smile and bring it back to us from time to time?

Do we rewind and our eyes twinkle and radiate all the love that we felt when we first fell in love? Life may not be rainbows all the time but can we bring back our rainbows from time to time?

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Live after we die..

So I was watching a show in which a strange guy comes to the main lady in the show and tells her that he was the person who had received her sister’s heart when she died in a car accident. He just wanted to thank someone. This lady asks one thing to him, “Are you a good person?” And he says he is and he is thankful for a second life and he appreciates it every day.

That got me to thinking..I am an organ donor on my license. The person who gets my heart will he/she feel the same way as I felt when i was alive..will their heart tell them to do the same things as my heart tells me to do? I feel deeply hurt, i feel deeply moved, I feel deeply involved with everything…will it help them or will it be a block in their lives…? This is a journal message to the person who gets my heart..If you get it, I always have followed my heart..and hopefully, you will do the same. Thank you for keeping me alive!

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In search of….

Feeling alone in midst of a crowd,

I laugh with everyone but my heart is somewhere else,

I speak but the words don’t belong to me,

I smile but the smile is meant for someone else,

Would I feel the same way if you were around?

You would make me feel that I meant something, not just anyone,

You could bring a genuine smile on my face,

You are the one who understands me,

You are the one I am looking for.

But where are you?

Have I not found you yet?

Or have I lost you?

Or am I still waiting for you…???




Pure Love <3

I have read about true love only in fairy tales. Yesterday, I was reading about this story from a movie – A real life story that made me think about pure love! Love in its purest and truest form!

The story starts in the same way ..a boy and girl from different religions fall in love…they are kept apart by the families. But what caught my attention was that they were apart from each other for 22 years and they kept loving each other and waited for each other the whole time. Their form of communication was letters and a language that they called their own, perhaps language of love. The couple finally decided to go to the US but as fate would have it, the guy gets killed in an accident. She says, if there was a pyre lit on that day for him, I would have jumped into the fire because the pain was so unbearable. She still lives and calls herself as his widow even though they could never get married.

Their friends even called it “MADNESS”. True, how can you not call it madness? Lovers get separated due to various circumstances in their lives…but generally, one of them moves on. It is not wrong..it is just a way of life. But this love story made me believe in the existence of true love in real life. Their love story did not have a “Happily ever after” ending but they proved to the world that love exists and not just exists but exists in its purest form. It may be rare but the hope that they give and the lesson you learn from it is much more valuable.

A tragic ending to their lives but the love they had, is immortal! love_poem_400x400

Like my friend Vinitha said in her blog, Love and have faith in love…!