The bend around the corner..

There is a bend around the corner,

The one I have feared for a long time,

I take one step forward but…

Take two back because I am afraid ,

I am afraid of what I might encounter at the bend,

My mind is always filled with “what if it is something bad?”

My fear over shadows my willingness,

My doubts cloud up the road in which I am standing right now,

This dense fog is not allowing me to see,

The confusion makes me just stand where I am,

But I know if I have to touch my dream,

If I have to find what I have lost,

I have to move forward and…………..


KEEP GOING and brave myself to go around the bend!!


I hummed a tune today,

And I wonder for how long I haven’t sung a song,

There were times when I was happy like a bird,

Flying away to horizon,

Singing from my heart,

Didn’t have a care in the world..


I smiled today,

And I wonder for how long I haven’t smiled from my heart,

I used to laugh till tears dropped out of my eyes,

I was happy like a baby,

And have joy to spread around,

Didn’t know anything wrong in the world..


I promise to turn my life around,

Smile again,

Sing again

And feel happiness again!


If Only………..

There in the fog, she stood,

Not knowing where to turn to,

Every direction seemed to lead to darkness,

Every step looked like a step to doom,

She is afraid that the fog will clear,

And she will find herself lost in eternity,

She is afraid if the fog doesn’t clear,

She is stuck at the same place for her whole life,

If only she could sense the warmth,

That would engulf her once the fog lifted,

If only she could envision the light,

That would brighten her life,

If only she would …….

The girl with no answers…

She sat in a corner looking at everyone,
wishing that you were with her to share her smiles and heartache.

She has her friends around her but she feels a void,
a void that you left,
You were her best friend and she cannot replace you,
You were supposed to be with her always but you left her alone.

There are so many questions
for which she will never get answers
Will she ever have peace in her heart…..?
It is only hope that would keep her going…….

Only hope and your memories…

The silent valley…

A vast valley with nothing around
Kind of like life when there is nothing to be looked forward to
Emptiness, anxiety, distances barren with just stillness
Every word that I utter echoes back to me
Staring blankly at myself in a mirror
The empty valley speaks the side of myself that no one knows
It breathes of lives that went unspoken
If the valley could speak, it would speak of what it feels
Does it feel like me, standing alone
Does it think people who pass her by really care or
Do people just stop by for a moment and don’t look back?
Will it get to see the bright beautiful day and rejoice about it?
Or will it be trodden about by others and left to stand alone again?
The valley breathes its own life,
I would like to breathe my own one day, not someone else’s!!!

With You..!

With you, there does not seem to be anything that is not attainable…
With you, life seems as simple even if there are lots of hurdles on the way,
With you, the sun looks more bright and the rain smells like heaven..
With you, I can fly like a butterfly spreading my wings to the top most peak..
With you, life is beautiful like waves in an ocean.
With you, nothing is impossible and nothing higher than reach.
You make life so easy to conquer and so much more lovable.