What is a job for you?

As I listen to many conversations here, one thing I realize is that for most people, their job is a means of bringing in money. From the time, I have come here, people have told… you should just take a job here , a job there but I don’t relate to it. Yes, do I have the financial stability right now to course me through a few years? Yes. But my job for me has never been a means to make money. If it was, I wouldn’t have left my 6 figure salary to get into teaching and earn one-sixth of it.

My job is my passion and will remain so. I always knew from my childhood that my need is  to create a difference in at least one person’s or child’s life. And from the time, I was at school, I made sure I volunteered at shelters or orphanages.

Teaching has been my bread and butter, not in terms of income but in terms of satisfying my soul. A child who could not read English ends up writing a beautiful essay, that is life changing for me. I believe there is no selfless deed..and mine is selfish too….this gives me happiness. For different people, it may be different things.

I am not making any judgments..i just want to know if you think of your job or work as something else other than a source of income.

Just curious to know various perspectives 😉




Would you ever let go of your passion?

The other day I was having a conversation with my brother and he asked me a question – If you are so passionate about it, would you ever let it go? And that question got me. It was a simple question but with a tough answer.

Teaching has always been my passion. I left a job that would pay me 5 times as much so that I could become who I am supposed to be and to say that This is ME! I followed my dreams and since it has been my passion, I really put my heart and soul into it. While working hard and putting in too many hours, I realized those were the happiest moments of my life. Even with health problems, one place I wanted to be was my classroom and my kids there. Everyday, I told myself that I am in this profession for a reason – to make a difference in a child’s life. I wasn’t teaching kids just to be academically strong and work on their “A”s but wanted them to be individuals with strong focus on their goals, confident and with a never give-up attitude. I heard somewhere “No deed is unselfish”. I agree because everything gives you back something. The happiness from my students and when my speech- impaired kid had the confidence to go up on the stage and say a speech looking straight into the eyes of the audience, was my Nobel Prize!

Today, with life’s changes, I am not where I was three months back. Though continuing with teaching, it is not the same since I am not making much of a difference. The system is different here and everyone has time only for academic success. I feel I am losing hold of what I held dearly and what I was doing..and hence was the question from my brother. And that question instantly got me back to track. NO! I never want to let go of my passion because it makes me who I am. Eventually, I will lose myself and others will move away from me too!

I would rather die knowing that I stood for what I truly am than living years of my life thinking what I could be! Thanks , Hari 😉 !