The lonely tree –


I saw this tree in a park the other day..standing alone! The tree standing there strong made me think. What would this lonely tree think?? Would it think that I am glad to be alone – no one to take the water that I need, no one to take the nutrients I need from the soil. I don’t have to waste my energy on fighting for my daily survival. So what if I don’t have anyone to talk to but at least I am free to do what I want to without being judged or have too many parameters that would define what and how I should do things. OR would it think I don’t have anyone; I have to stay here alone and no one to challenge me to do better.

Think about it – kind of how we would view our lives at different points of time. We love having people around and having them to love, to hate, to compete. But sometimes, we wish we could do things on our own in our own way and not let others define how we should act or live. We just wish we could just follow our instincts, be able to show our emotions as they are and not be shunned down for it. That lonely tree can show its emotions and follow its instincts since there is no one to tell it to behave in a certain way, on the other hand, it does not have anyone around who would be there to see when it is happy or when it is sad. Maybe as humans, we want to share our lives but how much of sharing of our lives causes unhappiness???

Should the lonely tree be happy about being alone or sad that it does not have anyone near?


Kindness and trust??

I was talking to my family’s Watsapp group about kindness and how it goes a long way. One cousin send this story about a lady who took a girl from a train and gave her education and a way of life. Heart warming story!!! Right?? One of my cousin says, I am not sure I can do something like that today considering that today’s world is so messed up that we don’t whom to trust and whom not to. She said as I was reading that story I was hoping in my heart that this girl won’t back-stab the lady. And it really did spark a debate in my mind – isn’t it true? How many of us won’t mind helping a youngster out but then we don’t know what we are getting back? We hear these stories every day about molestation, burglary, rape and murder and most of them by people who were trusted by the victims. When the world has come to such a stage where we can’t even trust the people we know, can we trust total strangers??

I do charity and have worked with shelters and such but I am not sure about a random act of kindness where I would bring another human being home.

This topic could lead to many questions as to – is this the reason why we see people not compassionate enough…is humanity heading in the wrong direction because one-act of crime from one person who was helped has created a scar for everyone else? I am sure there are many people who would want to extend that helping hand to a complete stranger whose plight moves them but they are stopped by a barrier that they are not able to cross. So do we just go with our heart or our mind in this case??