Live after we die..

So I was watching a show in which a strange guy comes to the main lady in the show and tells her that he was the person who had received her sister’s heart when she died in a car accident. He just wanted to thank someone. This lady asks one thing to him, “Are you a good person?” And he says he is and he is thankful for a second life and he appreciates it every day.

That got me to thinking..I am an organ donor on my license. The person who gets my heart will he/she feel the same way as I felt when i was alive..will their heart tell them to do the same things as my heart tells me to do? I feel deeply hurt, i feel deeply moved, I feel deeply involved with everything…will it help them or will it be a block in their lives…? This is a journal message to the person who gets my heart..If you get it, I always have followed my heart..and hopefully, you will do the same. Thank you for keeping me alive!

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Life goes on…

There is that feeling as you are approaching the milestones that will make your dream a reality…elated but also fearful, excited but also doubtful, smiling but still apprehensive. I feel it could be a fear that it still won’t come true or something will go wrong. What if after all those efforts and sacrifices , it might still fall flat. What if as I touch the dream, it will vanish away.

With so many “what ifs”, could anyone actually end up following their dreams? And if I give on to my fears, I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and regret why I didn’t even try, and ask myself – for what did I hold myself back! Chasing our dreams does mean sacrificing, taking decisions that would have been otherwise hard to take, coming out of our comfort zone and walking through the difficult road. But at the end, if you get what you want then it is all worth it. I have to remind myself that multiple times and I am sure even after all these reminders, I am still going to worry but my eyes are on that day when I will say It was all worth it!!!


The bend around the corner..

There is a bend around the corner,

The one I have feared for a long time,

I take one step forward but…

Take two back because I am afraid ,

I am afraid of what I might encounter at the bend,

My mind is always filled with “what if it is something bad?”

My fear over shadows my willingness,

My doubts cloud up the road in which I am standing right now,

This dense fog is not allowing me to see,

The confusion makes me just stand where I am,

But I know if I have to touch my dream,

If I have to find what I have lost,

I have to move forward and…………..


KEEP GOING and brave myself to go around the bend!!

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I hummed a tune today,

And I wonder for how long I haven’t sung a song,

There were times when I was happy like a bird,

Flying away to horizon,

Singing from my heart,

Didn’t have a care in the world..


I smiled today,

And I wonder for how long I haven’t smiled from my heart,

I used to laugh till tears dropped out of my eyes,

I was happy like a baby,

And have joy to spread around,

Didn’t know anything wrong in the world..


I promise to turn my life around,

Smile again,

Sing again

And feel happiness again!


In search of….

Feeling alone in midst of a crowd,

I laugh with everyone but my heart is somewhere else,

I speak but the words don’t belong to me,

I smile but the smile is meant for someone else,

Would I feel the same way if you were around?

You would make me feel that I meant something, not just anyone,

You could bring a genuine smile on my face,

You are the one who understands me,

You are the one I am looking for.

But where are you?

Have I not found you yet?

Or have I lost you?

Or am I still waiting for you…???




Salute to You!


I can understand people sacrificing their lives for their loved one; but I have never been able to understand the people who dedicate their lives for their country and face death every day doing that – The soldiers who brave everything to save their country and the people of their country. They have their own family like all of us but they accept the whole country as their family. They have no guarantees that they will have another day to live but they do it day in and day out.

A call for duty but for them it is not just a duty, its what they breathe. Endless stories of heroes who took the lead to defeat their enemy to ensure that the enemy does not disturb the peace of their country or take lives of their fellow countrymen. Their patriotism is far beyond any imagination. Imagine living in a situation where every moment you are surrounded by danger, engulfed with extreme conditions, enduring pain and hardship but you smile at the dangers and have only one goal in mind, to keep your country safe to save hundreds of lives even if it means giving yours. The heart and mind of a soldier is unique and beautiful and beyond comparison.

A heartfelt gratitude towards these impeccable human beings! A salute to the bravery and strength of these soldiers! A thought to them and their family for serving their country selflessly!

I know words are not enough but the least I can do is say

Thank You!!